About Us


Alinea Collective was founded by Brayden Lim & Almanda Haley through their love for photography and food. Brayden is a professional photographer/ videographer while Almanda is a professional food stylist/copywriter and their mantra goes something like this: be in love with the work that you do, and work with others who feel the same. Being in the local F&B scene for 5 years, both Brayden and Almanda constantly strive to push the boundaries of food visuals. The duo work as a team and their works are often a reflection of their personality – often vivid and a tad cheeky. Together, with an artistic eye for detail and a professional approach towards photography, they create images that are honest, rich, and memorable.

As the Creative Director of Alinea Collective, Brayden believes that outstanding creativity is often the product of team effort and values a close working relationship with all his clients. Throughout the years, Brayden & Almanda have worked with several notable clients; some of which includes brands like BAKE Cheese Tarts, B Burger by Benjamin Barker, Singapore Coffee Festival by SPH, Emporium Shokuhin, DBS Bank, McDonalds and many others. With a deep background in marketing, Brayden is able to incorporate marketing strategies within his production works – a sensibility that few in his field possess. Tapping on marketing knowledge as a leverage for his photography works, not only can you expect to receive great visuals but also enhanced marketability of  your food, both online and offline.

Meet the Directors

Brayden Lim Jun Hao.jpg

Brayden Lim

Creative Director | Head Photographer

Almanda Haley Teo 2.jpg

Almanda Haley

Food Stylist | Copywriter